Having crossed the threshold, as you remove your coat, take care to remove your watch as well. There is no longer any rush. We are now on vineyard time. It is now the vine, along with the climate, which decides. For some time now, we have synchronized our internal clocks with those of the plants. Having learned that fighting, forcing and bending are useless; we have instead dedicated our energy to observing, listening, breathing and maybe even understanding. We invite your senses to come sample this rhythm of nature: the vine and its fragrances, the history of the varietal, a charming cabin in a vineyard setting. Here you can experience the wine, free from rules governing its making or its tasting. Our ancestors were winegrowers, our great-grandfather a barrel maker, our grandfather a wine broker… Indeed, we have approached wine from all angles! And, the essential is the lovely grape that we seek to draw out in every glass. The grape is where it all happens. In the wine storehouse, where each vintage reveals a unique personality, we search tirelessly for the perfect combination that will accentuate the grape, as it is, unique to its particular year.

L'Amourier 2014

A bouquet of ripe black and red fruits, the wine palate is full-bodied. It has a soft attack, but the sharp tannins that are drawn out in the aftertaste give it a perfect balance of “fullness and freshness.” This is a gourmet wine that maintains its presence when accompanying a spicy meal and also complements the most delicate of dishes.

AOC Minervois Mourvèdre (15%), Syrah (25%), Grenache (60%) De-stemmed harvest, classic vinification with mid-fermentation pigeage and temperature-controlled fermentation (12 days). Maturation: Grenache: oak barrels Syrah and Mourvèdre: Barrels for three or more wines. Preparation for Bottling: Egg white fining with very light filtration. Alcohol: 14% vol Soil: Grenache: Gravel soil Syrah and Mourvèdre: Clay This Mourvèdre comes from the place called “L’Amouro,” meaning “blackberry” in Occitan dialect. Yield: 30 hl/ha

San Brès 2015

A product of nature that has begun to show its personality. Best appreciated in its youth for its fruitiness and smoothness. Serve lightly chilled and enjoy with a simple, yet quality meal.

Coteaux de Peyriac Grenache Noir (80%), Syrah (20%) De-stemmed harvest, traditional vinification with pumping over at mid-fermentation and temperature-controlled fermentation (10 days). Maturation: In tanks for six months Preparation for Bottling: Egg white fining with very light filtration. Alcohol: 13.5% vol Soil: Gravel, sand and clay vineyards Yield: 45 hl/ha